Lincoln 140 HD Welder Review

Lincoln 140 HD Welder Review

Lincoln 140HD Review Summary

The Lincoln 140 HD is popular welder that can be used by novices and experts alike. With that said, as this unit runs on 120 watts and has an output of 140 amp, it is ideal for home projects and automotive work.


  • Model Number: K2514-1
  • Weight: 71lbs
  • Package Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 16 inches
  • Color: Red
  • Power Source: Dc 120v
  • Voltage: 110 volts


  • Built to last
  • Cooling system means the device doesn’t become overheated
  • Ideal for both professional or novices
  • The welder can used in both your home or job site


  • It’s slightly heavier than similar compact welder
  • The power cord is slightly short
  • Only four fixed power level for this apparatus
  • Can’t use with 220V

Who is the Lincoln EasyMig 140 for?

The Lincoln EasyMIG 140 is one of the best choices for inexperienced or hobby welders. We would recommend this unit for smaller at-home projects that don’t require a massive amount of power. This is a compact welder, meaning it doesn’t take up too much room and isn’t too heavy to move from job to job.

The EasyMIG 140 is well-recommended welder for repair jobs, autowork, or household welding. Basically, if you aren’t working on industrial projects, then this is the one for you.

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Lincoln EasyMig 140 features

Power – This welder can run with the same power (120V) found in your home.

Wire feed – Experienced welding professionals will know that the quality of a wire-feed system can make or break a MIG-welder. As such, Lincoln have worked hard to perfect their wire feed.

The Lincoln 140HD is fitted with a wire feed drive that can be adjusted between 50 to 500 per minute. Also, the unit uses a 2-roller gearbox that allows for a better grip on the wire and less tension needed to push the wire along.

User-friendly – The Lincoln 140HD welder is easy to use, no matter your experience level. In fact, the welder can be used straight out of the box. If you’re still unsure, then turn your attention to the instructions on the inside of the door, which allows for a smooth configure process. As the Lincoln 140HD is a MIG welder, it allows for thin steel welds up to 3/16 inch in a single pass. If you want to take on thicker metals, then the flux-cored function allows for thicker steel welds up to 5/16 inch.

Portability – Weighing a mere 50lbs and with a useful carry handle, the Lincoln 140 can be easily moved from job to job.

Warranty – To give you peace of mind, Lincoln offers all customers a three-year warranty on all welding units. However, make sure to read the small print. Fox example; make sure your Lincoln is serviced by a manufacturer-approved facility. By the same token, the warranty doesn’t cover damaged caused by improper use.


Typical of a Lincoln product, this welder gets positive reviews, and we can see why. Though it has some cons like a slightly short cable, the welder’s versatility and build-quality more than makes up for it.

The main selling point of this welder for many people will be that the unit is powered by traditional voltage power found in your everyday home, which allows for at-home welding.

For most welding jobs, the Lincoln 140 will be the ideal choice. It’s a simple welder that can deal with varying sizes and gauges of steel.

It’s a thumb up from us!